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LinkArt aims to build a decentralized platform for tracking and management of the whole life cycle of artworks, and to endorse the unique value of each piece of art work with the non-tempering characteristics of blockchain. LinkArt combines 5G, AI, and blockchain technology, presents the charm of art in many ways, attributes the value of artworks with multiple dimensions, and opens up tech-supported imagination space for the realm of art. LinkArt creates a cross-border, cross-cultural ecosystem, and provides a barrier-free communication and trading platform for all art creators, enthusiasts, collectors, and investors. Powered by the token economies, LinkArt improves the recognition and liquidity of artworks, and stimulates the artworks to feedback the artistic creation, thus promoting the prosperity and development of the whole art industry.

LinkArt creates a variety of scenarios, and provides a series of standardized services with the all-time principle of market-orientation ......

  • Traceability of artworks

    Date of creation, the transaction price
    copyright, and ownership

  • Art Trading

    Art Auction and online trading

  • Social Network

    Online Art Forums, Seminars, and ART Salons

  • Art exhibition

    High definition online exhibition platform
    Global Art HD Digital Museum

Application Scenarios

  • Space
  • Space
  • Space

LAR Tokens


LAR token is a decentralized blockchain crypto-asset. In the early stage, it was issued on the basis of ERC20. In all application scenarios of the LinkArt project, the total volume of the token issued is 10 billion, and the main chain swap will be carried out according to the ecological development in the later stage.

Maximum quantity 2,000,000,000, total quantity 2,000,000,000 LAR
  • The token holder have Preemtive Right at Art Auctio

  • The token holding Artist can participate in Exhibition for free

  • The token holder shares an amount of discount at artwork purchase

  • Discount for artwork purchase with LAR token

  • Free entry of exhibition for the token holder


  • Co-founder of LAR and Executive Director of Singapore LAR Foundation.
  • Qin is hailed by the media as “Zhang Yimou” in the creative circle, and was included in the cultural industry entrepreneurship and creative talent pool of the Ministry of Culture in 2014.
  • Initiator of the Qianzhu Academy Art Online Education Platform
  • Co-founder of Art998 Collections
  • Art director of McCann Erickson
  • Art director of BBDO
  • His awards include the 30th Mobius Advertising Awards, the 2001 London International Advertisement Awards, the 2000 Hong Kong International Advertising Creation Awards, the 2002 China’s Top 10 Print Ads, China's Outstanding Advertising Works IAI Yearbook Awards for Best Creative Composition Award, and China's Outstanding Advertising Works IAI Yearbook Golden Award.
  • Co-founder of LAR, executive director of Singapore LAR Foundation, member of the SAFE Foundation, CEO of Big Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, former embedded firmware engineer of RENESAS, and early block chain investor. Pan has rich consulting and management experience in enterprise coordination and operations, especially in IT solutions and block chain applications.
  • Co-founder of LAR, executive director of Singapore LAR Foundation. With extensive project management experience, Jin knows well about the e-commerce industry and the online operation of the website and SEO promotion, and also has strong capabilities in product planning and user experience analysis.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science at Zhejiang University
  • Former Aliyun tech expert and Intelligent IoT R&D team architect
  • Former technical manager of Could Computing Department at Huawei
  • More than 10 years experience in cloud computing, Internet and technology security industry
  • Doctor of Sun Yat-sen University, young collector, Guangdong literature researcher, columnist, calligrapher & painter, TV & radio host, doctor of Classical Literature. Liang is a student of the Lingnan-style painting master Li Xiongcai, and has also learnt poetry and calligraphy from the famous calligrapher Mr. Li Quzhai and textual bibliography from the notable scholar Mr. Wang Guichen. He is a famous collector and bibliophile.
  • Liang’s published works are as follows:
  • “Chinese Light Crimson Decoration”, published by Cultural Relics Publishing House
  • “Appreciation of Chinese Fans in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”
  • “Appreciation of Chinese Letters in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”
  • “Appreciation of Chinese Decorative Porcelain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”
  • “Appreciation of Chinese Light Crimson Decoration in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”
  • “Appreciation of Chinese Letters”
  • “Supplementary Notes for Bibliography Prohibited or Destroyed in the Qing Dynasty”
  • Liang’s “Yiqingshi Series”, a rare series of books published in five categories including “Yanyu Lyrics”, “Yiyatang Poetry” and “Jue’an Poetry”, has attracted great attention from the contemporary collection circle.
  • Famous painter, curator, member of Qianzhu Academy. Chen was born in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province in 1983. He graduated from the China Academy of Art as a major in traditional Chinese painting of flowers and birds in 2006, and won a master’s degree in the field at the same university in 2015.
  • The exhibitions involving Chen’s works include:
  • Bright and Clear as the Moon——New Year Mandarin Fan Show
  • Luxuriant Trees and Bamboos——Qianzhu Seven-Scholar Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition
  • In Their Prime——Chinese Youth Ink Painting Invitation Exhibition
  • Qianzhu Academy Invitation Exhibition
  • Cloud thinks——Wanheng’s Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition
  • Qianzhu Academy Traditional Chinese Painting Invitation Exhibition
  • Qianzhu Academy Traditional Chinese Painting Invitation Exhibition
  • Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Famous Works
  • Qianzhu Academy Biennial Exhibition
  • Chairman of Suzhou Yiya Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Suzhou Star Storm Internet Co., Ltd.
  • Famous Suzhou planner, cultural creation investor, and expert judge of cultural entrepreneurship industry of Suzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication
  • Liu has been engaged in film investment and cultural creation planning since 2015. He has invested a number of films and TV dramas, and was the chief producer of the influential TV series “The Spring of Sparrow”.
  • In 2016, he joined hands with JD Finance and China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo to set up 10 to 10 Makerspace, which has incubated more than 50 high-quality cultural and creative projects. He has also participated in many outstanding projects such as Huizhi Valley Culture and Jianjiang Technology.
  • His works include Comic Book Tour to Suzhou and Great Craftsmanship.
  • Member of Chinese Democratic League, member and chief appraiser of the Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum Art Committee, expert of Jiangsu Artwork Appraisal and Evaluation Center, with the perfect credentials as a top-level appraiser in cultural relics auctions in China. Member of Jiangsu Provincial Folk Literature and Art Association, Executive Director of Jiangsu Provincial Copyright Association and Secretary General of Anti-Counterfeiting Art Evaluation Committee, Deputy Director of the Cultural Work Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese Democratic League, Executive Director of Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association and General Manager of Jiangsu Cultural Relics Head Office Co., Ltd. Wang has China Cultural Relics Auction Top-level Qualification.
  • Initiator of the South Zhejiang Museum Community
  • President of Wenzhou Ou Kiln Society
  • Chairman of Zhejiang Qingdeng Culture Development Co., Ltd.
  • Curator of Wenzhou Light Culture Museum
  • Curator of Wenzhou Stone Carving Art Museum
  • Owner of Daluo Mountain Qingdeng House
  • Gold medalist of the national, Asian and world champions of extreme sports

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